Freedom Cafe Pricing

Feature Member Pay-Per-Use
Cafe Table $5 / hour
4 hours free / month
$8 / hour
Collab Table $15 / hour $23 / hour
Meeting Room $25 / hour
$150 / day
1 hour free per month
$38 / hour
Seminar Room $60 / hour
$265 / day
$75 / hour
$400 / day
Membership directory and company profiles -
“Member of the Month” -
Referral program (coming soon) -


$ 30/mo* OR $300/year

Membership directory and company profiles

By joining Freedom Cafe, you will become part of a community of local businesses. Gain exposure for your products and services by being a part of our network.

“Member of the Month”

We love showing off our members! Once a month a member is featured on our website and social media pages to highlight YOU and your business!

Amazing prices

Only members save over 30% on all meeting spaces and workstations (see rates below)

Referral program

Have your colleagues join to save even more! Coming soon!

Team Membership

$30/month for account holder plus $5/ added person/month

Membership directory and company profiles
Add team members to your plan.
All reservations are billed to the account holder.

Freedom Package

$190/month (includes membership)

Use any of our unreserved co-working spaces on a flexible, first-come, first-served basis.
Unlimited usage during regular business hours.
Recommended for those looking to use the space for > 32 hours/month.
Reserve any spaces at reduced membership rates.

Don’t see what you were looking for? We also build custom plans for members.

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